Saturday, March 8, 2008

Social Networking sites -- are they evil??

A pleothera of social networking sites have come up of late and has started a debate whether they are good or bad for the society... what are your views?

There have been instances where people have been luring young girls to elope from their home and even a murder in Mumbai which was linked to a social networking site. There is abundance of fake profiles all around and people indulging in all sorts of anti-social activities -- be it crime agains any specific person, or a crime against a language/society/country/religion. But does that mean that the tools is wrong??

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

I strongly believe in the lines above and I believe that every tool in this world that has been devised for a good purpose can find it's usage in bad deeds as well.

For example, the same saw, that is used for cutting wood to convert it into beautiful furniture can be used as a murder weapon. Almost anything that you see around, a wire, a match, a gas cylinder, electricity... almost anything can be a deadly weapon if you do not use it judiciously. Does this mean that all these are evil things?? - NO!

It depends how you use the tool that is available to you for use.

I personally have used Orkut and a lot and really they have helped me to get in contact with long lost friends -- friends who have been out of contact for more than 16 years! Thanks to these sites that I have been able to contact my school friends whom I had lost contact with long ago!!

I would say -- use these tools, use judiciously and they can benefit you!

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