Thursday, March 6, 2008

Board exam stress??

As the 10th and 12th board approach, newspapers have started posting news about suicide and suicide attempts by students who are due to appear their boards. What is this happening??? -- I fail to understand.

I don't understand why there is so much stress on the students? -- Is that because they have to score above 95% in their boards?? -- Why??? -- to get admission in a good school/college for their +2/graduation! Ah, I got the answer myself!

This is the reason that there is pressure from peer and even from the parents to score 95% plus or face their wrath. But why?? -- I am again pushed to the darkness of ignorance by myself!

I haven't seen anyone scoring 99% (or for that matter 100%) in his/her 12th and getting a good job just after that. The point is -- even if you get 100% in your 10th or 12th boards, still you have to fight for admission for technical courses where 65% is quite enough to appear for the exam and then it's your aptitude that helps and not what you have crammed! For getting admission to graduations also, some colleges do demand 90 and 95 percent plus marks for admission. But have we ever given a thought over what happens after admission?? Do all those who get admission to reputed colleges get a decent job after they finish graduation??? I think they have to again fight with everybody for job interview/exam where again 65% is a decent enough score!

So why this fuss all about? I remember my days when getting even a bare 60% was deemed good enough and achieving that also was no mean feat. What has changed since then? -- the marking pattern in board, where people get 100% even in literature subjects? Or it's just about parents wanting to brag about the marks obtained by their child?

Whatever the reason, I believe that this is all not good and we are loosing valuable lives. Can we think of doing something that could avoid this all?

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