Saturday, April 5, 2008

Borewell fame

First there was a Prince and now a Vandana... famed due to a fall in a bore well pit... Borewell fame?

About two years ago, a child named Price fell into a bore well pit near Kurukshetra (Haryana) and was rescued by army after over 50 hours, alive and kicking. Hail the army! Prince, after successful evacuation was bestowed with many announcements with the best being Rs. 5 Lakh being given to his family. Hail the government!!

Then there is a two year old Vandana, who fell into a similar pit near Agra on 26 March this year and was rescued by army around 27 hours later, alive and kicking. Hail the army! The entire district administration came up to the spot and camped there till the evacuation. Hail the administration!! The local MLA announced that he would take care of the lifelong expenses that would occur on Vandana's studies. Hail our representatives!!!

Do I sound sarcastic? Yes I do! and that's because I am!!

We know that this does not happen when there is a road accident. No District Magistrate/SP/MLA/MP come on the spot and announce even a rupee to their family. We know that.

Then why this generosity and pro-activeness?

Well, everyone has to get his 30 seconds of fame! You know when the action scene is being covered by spate of media, that too live, you have your chance of getting your 30 seconds of fame. Entire India, and if possible, many parts of the world will watch you... listen to what you say... and you'd be popular... or a recognized face at least! So we have our District Magistrate available on the spot with his mercenary, we have a super special ambulance with the best doctors available, and of course we have our local democratic representative -- our MLA present on the spot. Everyone plays his role and everyone gets to share some time on small screen.

But who's the loser at the end in all this mayhem?? Me of course! You'd ask how?


  • who paid for army to pitch in and do the rescue work? Me, a genuine taxpayer!
  • who paid for the super special ambulance? Me, my taxes foot the bill!
  • who paid for all the government mercenary to be present on the spot? Me, I pay them salaries through my taxes!
  • who suffered due to loss of work by top brass while they were on the spot? Me, or people like me!
  • who foots the bill when the government offers sops to people?? Me of course!

I pay the taxes, but I don't get what I deserve in return - better roads, better electricity supply, better water supply, better education... to name a few. But where does my money go? Paying the salaries to these fat slimy officials who do not do anything unless paid extra for that.

Do I want to say that Prince and Vandana should have been left in the ditch to die? No Way! But I just want to say that "Look! I'm paying for what you are doing. So please! Do not work only when TV cameras are watching. Pay some attention to that accident victim who is dying on the roadside. Pay some attention to the person who is dying in the hospital for the want of medicine and proper care. Please!"


Rajesh Kamal said...

1. People sleep when borewells are left open for children to fall into. Y dont they close or barricade them? Y r they not being fined for being ignorant?
2. Suraj was not lucky enough. Let us pray for his soul.
3. Distt admin is authorized to have a crisis management team. Where are they? Y do we need the army everytime?
4. Y do people become parents when they are so ignorant of their children?

Rajesh Kamal said...

bade dino se kuch likh nahi rahe ho....... kya baat hai?