Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are we heading towards balkanisation?

Was going through NDTV website when I found this article on their homepage today:
Really surprises me, how such views are allowed freely on a news site that is supposed to be neutral.

The author, though tries to show him a person with neutral views, can't prevent himself from posting his own biased views. He supports Raj & MNS in opposing people from Bihar and UP working in Maharashtra. He says that UP and Bihar is not North India! Does anyone wants to hear that? He says that native people have every right to oppose migrants coming and working. He even tries to create a divide within the states of North India by stating that Punjab, Haryana etc are separate from UP and Bihar.

He and people like Raj forget that people from Punjab, Rajsthan and Gujrat and Maharashtra have always been in the helm of affairs in UP and Bihar and together they control most of the trade and business and no one is complaining. Why should one when this is One India - undivided and united!

Recently Bihar assembly asked to send Hon. Governor Mr. Gawai back as he belongs to Maharashtra in retaliation. This idea is not liked by people like Raj and the author. I fail to understand what they want. Do they want that people from UP and Bihar should be confined to their state and at the same time other people must have complete freedom in whatever they do in UP and Bihar.

I fear for the day when people from UP and Bihar start retaliating give the same treatment to all the people from other states like Maharashtra and Punjab. The day would be quite unfortunate as we can't think of business and trade without Punjabi and Marwari community in UP and Bihar. At the same time, infrastructure will be crumbled if people from UP and Bihar come back and do not do any work in states like Punjab and Maharashtra. This is quite evident from the loss that the industry in Nasik is facing after migration of labours from UP and Bihar.

I believe that this is 100% correct that Honorary Supreme Court of India has called it balkanisation of India. It has started on a state level. Does he wants to bring this to city/town/village level now?

It seems that some people would never think or work in national interest ... and to top that, they are in a position where they can command views of masses.

Please! keep off our minds and let us live in peace.

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Rajesh Kamal said...

Seems that this issue has disturbed u as well. The media is clearly divided in two on this issue. U can sense this in the bites of news channels.