Saturday, February 23, 2008

Finally! Success in IT Domain

I had to struggle a lot for two years after completing my MCA to get a good opportunity. I'd do all kind of sundry jobs like creating a 10 page website for 3k, helping students in their final yr project for some money, working on small assignements for various organisations, even tried my own venture.

Finally my efforts paid off! Since doing all and sundry kind of work, I embraced myself with all the technology available, it helped me to get a good job in a good organization and here I am... now at a middle management level... churning out pages from my life.

Looking back, I feel it was good that I struggled a lot and equipped myself with various technologies, c0z I can see people at technical management level who are not technical at all and result in low morale of their team.

Now that I have accomplished what I desired for and I'm sure things will follow me, it's time for me to ponder over life...

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Rajesh Kamal said...

read your entire saga! It was awsome... somewhat like pheonix! being born a giant from dust!

you'll have to appreciate one thing... our generation was the generation caught in the transition phase of open and closed economy system. We handled the worst of both but those who survived, had the best of both!