Saturday, June 21, 2008

Improvement in Bihar - labour crisis everywhere!

Was going through newspapers this week and found some interesting articles here and here which corraborate the facts what I wrote in my last post.

These two news articles.. first reported in Times Of India on 17 June and then on 19 June talk about labour crisis in farms in Punjab. Every year, hoards of labours would board the trains at various towns and stations throughout Bihar and would alight at various places in Punjab. Marred by poor agricultural facilities, recurring floods and administrative apathy, they would have no other way but to migrate seasonally to Punjab during the paddy season. However, this year, it is a different story... the trains are empty and there are not too many labours who alight these trains.

The same is the scenario in the industrial units at Surat, Nashik and other places in Maharashtra.

This turnaround has been possible by successful implementation of just one single program - National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)

It seems that the tide is turning now. Only a few months ago, I wrote here how certain people from Maharashtra wanted to oust Bihari/UP labours from their state. I warned there itself:

...infrastructure will be crumbled if people from UP and Bihar come back and do not do any work in states like Punjab and Maharashtra...

And now it is evident that my fears have been proved true!

This also validates the fact that now there is a development process started in Bihar. Good for poor people of Bihar.. and in fact good for entire Bihar. This has started a never ending process of development from where there is no looking back.

The basic amenities of life are Roti, Kapda aur Makaan (food, clothing and shelter). These fulfilled, people look for next set of three amenities, namely Bijli, Paani aur Sadak (electricity, potable water and road). While NREGA has fullfilled the basic amenities, Nitish Kumar's government is looking after fulfilling the next set of requirements. One the infrastructure is in place, it is just a matter of time that investments will start pouring in and will finally result in complete development of Bihar.

One more area where I would like to see and improvement, and which has got the potential also, just what is required is political will and funding, is channelization of the rivers to facilitate irrigation througout the state. Punjab is called the food bowl of India and it has got only five major rivers. It was just the planned channelization of rivers which resulted in green revolution there. Bihar has got hundreds of large and small rivers which originate from Himalayas and which have water in them around the entire year. These rives criss-cross entire Bihar in a way that almost every District has got around 10-30 rivers flowing through it.

It is just a matter of channelization so that the water is available to every field for irrigation and it would help in flood control also. Floods cause most of the fertile land in Bihar to remain unutilized for almost three months a year. The land which is capable of yeilding three to four crops per year!

It is just the political will that is required. We have seen the impact of just one successful implementation. Just think of the potential... there are so many government schemes. And with the news of opening of an IIT in Bihar, it seems that the day is not too far now, when everyone will held his head high and would not feel ashamed to say -

Yes! I am a Bihari!!


Rajesh Kamal said...

The IIT topper is from Bihar this year!

Deepak Keshari said...

I am proud to be a Bihari. JAI BIHAR. And mr sinha is actually right in all perspectives. Its just the matter of time, after few years everybody will be just looking at Bihar. And specially Raj thackrey when there will be econmy crisis in Maharashtra because of him. I think Nitish Kumar is doing very well for Bihar.


sidhu said...

nice one sirjee.Migration has taken turn and we are expecting a mindblowing bihar in next 5-10 yrs.
do check this link...

sidhu said...

nice one sirjee.migration has taken reverse turn and i m proud to be bihari...
check dis link