Sunday, July 6, 2008

Enlightenment on chat!

Was just chatting with friend over google talk and were discussing some general things when I realised that there are many people out there who share my feelings. I thought we have discussed things that I should share with everyone. Here it goes....

12:21 PM Navneet: well, i went thru the link that u r using in ur punchline
its fantastic.....
12:22 PM me: thank you!
Navneet: and i used the same as my punchline 2
me: :)
12:23 PM Navneet: it really makes 1 feel happy hearing these sort of things
u must have been knowing, that one IIM grad is opening a veg. retail chain in Patna
me: yes obviously. That's why I decided to write on those aspects
12:24 PM actually my stay at Patna this time was just one day
Navneet: his name is kaushalendra
12:25 PM me: It is always good when you do something that is a bit deviant form the normal
12:26 PM Navneet: Indian news paper, even in Pune, r filled with this news
12:27 PM Just search in google with "Kaushalendra of IIM+India"
me: ok
12:28 PM give me a mo
Navneet: sure
12:29 PM me: that's one good fella for sure!
12:32 PM Navneet: yeah....
its really a big-big thing
sm changes are in the air....
12:33 PM of course, it will take some time though
me: yes, but it will be good
12:34 PM Navneet: bt, still the old govt. is putting obstacles at the central level
12:35 PM me: well, you know what? once you decide that you have to go forward, come what may, nobody can stop you..
obstacles can be won!
see the improvement Nitish has done in 2.5 yrs and compare that to the backwardness that we got in 15 yrs of Laloo (+proxy)
Navneet: thatz TRUE
12:36 PM actually, the administration is not xtending a helping hand to him
me: that happens for every new initiatives
12:37 PM and that's why we call people as legends...
Navneet: the admin lobbly probable deserved the same treatment that Laloo meted out to them
me: you just can't create a legend
they are born
12:38 PM Navneet: yup
bt, really I don't think that thrz any other CM in this country who is working so hard
me: there is one.. but people love to hate him!
Navneet: who
12:39 PM me: Narendra Modi
Navneet: yeah......
he has completely changed the rural areas of Guj
me: apart from one or two odd things that he has done, which I too condemn, he has done lots of good thing in Gujrat
12:40 PM for which he should be praised
Navneet: if investors r flowing money over there, they r not fOOL
me: obviously!
Navneet: yeah...def.
me: that's how I would like to see Bihar
Navneet: u know, ppl of Bihar themselves are problem at some xtent
me: I'd love to go back to Bihar, drawing a salary of 10k only, but working in IT
12:41 PM and I think my day is coming soon
that was a generation ago
Navneet: u know, every 1 is planning to go to that side
me: 10 years from now, people hated themselves to be called Bihari
12:42 PM Navneet: my each & every frnd of Bihar
me: in fact it was a gaali here in Delhi
but now things have changed
and look how?
labours are not going outside
now its just a matter of FDI...
12:43 PM and everything will be available at Bihar itself
and I will not have to go anywhere else
Navneet: haan wo toh hai
of course. I even planned to go to Calcutta or Jamshedpur
12:44 PM and 4 that I decided to join IBM....
but, they hv send me to Pune....
me: I would really love to go back to my native place -- Samastipur
Navneet: well, I wud b trying my best..
12:45 PM me: the only thing is that I have turned into a hard-core techie.. and couldn't imagine myself doing anything else
Navneet: of course.... i hv my bg house in Patna itself
def. i wud luv going thr
12:46 PM me: hopefully, if the developments keep it's pace.. as of now.. then it would not take more than 5 yrs for IT companies to go there
Navneet: u know, my younger brother had decided not to go outside and started handling my dad's Gem's business
me: and that would be my day
that's cool...
really appreciate that
Navneet: though he is an MCA by prof.
me: really!
12:47 PM Navneet: it was a real BIG decision
me: of course it is!
Navneet: every1 had suggested him to go somewhere
12:48 PM well, his decision was to be with parents as well doing work from thr
me: I would have loved to do the same.. the only problem was.. we were not very financially strong... my father came into railway service and that's why we got good education.. but there was nothing sort of fall back system for us.. we had to go for a job somewhere.. so here I am.
12:49 PM I would love to meet him sometime
Navneet: the same was with me
its the general rule ovr thr
me: next time you call him, say my thanks to him!
Navneet: so, we brothers decided that i wud do job, and he woud help prospering the business.
12:50 PM sure sir ji.
and if he needs and fall back support, I wud do my best
12:54 PM me: You know what? I think I have got my inspiration for the next blog post!
12:55 PM Navneet: gr8...
of course, these sort of ppl needs inspiration
though, he is my younger bro.
me: Kaushalendra and your brother -- I think I will put this chat transcript itself as the next post
Navneet: ha ha....
12:57 PM well, kaushalendra is a big name in media now
his name shud be
12:59 PM bt, it become possible by our mutual understanding(me & my bro)
and for the sake of it, I hv delayed my marriage 2
me: yes, that's commendable, for you too!
Navneet: bt, now my mom is getting worried
1:00 PM me: then I think you should ease her worries
go find a girl and get married :)
Navneet: ha ha....
me: and don't forget to invite me too :D
Navneet: of course man !!!
1:01 PM yeah, they r looking 4 a suitable 1
me: and I have a woman too with me -- my wife! he he :)
Navneet: I have no particular choice
yeah,....u r lucky in that section
1:02 PM me: you know what? I'd suggest go for an educated girl.. who can work if required, but would not just love an external job
1:03 PM Navneet: yeah, my assumption is also the same
me: because, when you are in IT, you earn what is apt for any family to live comfortably anywhere
just that you need to define the boundaries of comfort
Navneet: she shud b capable enough to carry on.... but no need to carrying a burden every time
1:04 PM yeah... i hv v. small needs in my life
me: yes, when I said that she could work if required, I meant exactly that
Navneet: and i m happy in that
me: that's how it should be
1:05 PM earning money is not bad, and aspiring for that too is not bad...
Navneet: i want to do somethng for the social upgradation
me: but being lost so much in earning money that you do not get time to enjoy what you have earned is bad
1:06 PM Navneet: of keeps away a lot of tension to let u focus on u area of interest
me: yes, and it is always good to give back something (at least some bits) to the society
1:07 PM it helps for self-contentment
Navneet: bt to those who deserve ur helping hand
1:08 PM "Bhiksha bhi patrata dekhkar deni chaahiye"
me: obviously, you would not want spending money on laloo's son just because he is OBC
Navneet: HA HA.....
HA HA.....
u really posses a gr8 sense of humor
me: :)
Navneet: i wud luv meeting u yaar
1:09 PM :-)
actually, casteism is so much intricated into the social fabric of bihar, that its just killing the growth
1:10 PM me: I'll tell you a small story..
Navneet: everywhere it is....but therz its much beyond acceptance level
me: around 1989-90.. I was in school
Navneet: ppl start thinking with that angle
1:11 PM me: there was this boy in my class who was at least at par with me intellectually..
Navneet: k
me: then the mandal and reservations came....
Navneet: hmm
1:12 PM me: in the lunchtime, he used to have heated arguments with other classmates...
1:13 PM Navneet: k
me: sort of you upper caste people have suppressed us for centuries.. manu.. and all those shit... and now when we are getting a chance to get back at you.. you people just can't digest this fact... that we will come at par with you...
this was a matter for everyday
Navneet: hmmmmm
that was the blackest period of our time
me: my home was very near to the school and I used to go home for lunch
1:14 PM and I was really very fond of him
then one day, I returned early from the school and the same argument was going on..
I joined and told him that I wanted to say something..
1:15 PM can you think what did I told him and what was the result?
Navneet: what?
1:18 PM me: I told him -- Look xxxx! you know what? Before this day.. I took you to my home so many times in lunch and we had lunch together. So many times we ate in the same plate at my house. And I never thought even a bit about it. But now when you say yourselves, then I realize this -- I'M ASHAMED OF MYSELF THAT I SHARED THE PLATE WITH A LOWER CASTE PERSON! AND FROM NOW ON I WOULD NEVER THINK DOING IT AGAIN!!
1:19 PM and the result? He was stunned! He never would have imagined of it this way. In front of all the class... he just bowed his head and went back to his seat and we never did had any arguments over reservation from that day on.
1:20 PM Later he apologized to me in person.. but the relationships were not the same again.
1:22 PM Navneet: marvellous
i remember,
1:23 PM in 86-87, some staffs came to our classroom for counting the OBC & etc...
and i had no idea what this is all about
i had few frnds of that category, I knew this on that day itself....
1:24 PM still to this day, I don't know of many frnds' castes
i never needed it
me: of course you never require it to become friends!
1:25 PM Navneet: so, 90-91 just teared off the society
and laloo era was the result of this
me: yes, I have seen all that
Navneet: the 15 yrs of misrule & anarchy
1:26 PM just killed the aspiration of an entire generation
those who were at 15 at that time, are now 30+.
me: people never thought that Laloo and VP would become monsters, I myself voted for JD in 1989, to defeat congress.
Navneet: they can't do anything new at this age
1:27 PM me: yes, I understand
Navneet: I think, that is the biggest problem
to let them IN in the society
1:28 PM me: actually, it is always the thought that is bad, not the person
1:29 PM Buddha once said -- hate the sin, not the sinner
Navneet: bt, i think u can't just remove the sin
1:30 PM at some point of time,
u need to remove the person
me: it's just about the thought cleansing.. the day they would realize that all these politicians just USE them for their own benefit, they would understand
Navneet: like, laloo is removed from state to the center
me: ha ha
Navneet: ab railway crush hoga....
1:31 PM ppl will realize this after 4-5 yrs
me: well you just can't remove everyone, not all the politicians in RDB style!
just a matter of awakening
Navneet: of course, that is not the solution 2
they r monsters.. they will keep usurping with their bloods
1:32 PM i wanna letting u know something
me: what?
Navneet: we have a caste Bhimihars
1:33 PM u must be knowing
me: I know very well!
1:34 PM now the current gen. of that caste have become some outbound, so they wanna having working gal as their life partner
Navneet: and its quite difficult in their caste
1:35 PM Navneet: so, therz a tension of that sort in that society
so, now some of them r jumping the fence to find in other castes.
1:36 PM I wish that this tension enhances and make the casteism fabric shredded
me: let them jump.. unless they are using mean methods and lying for that.. it's not bad
Navneet: I wish so.
1:37 PM me: it will be, don't worry!
Navneet: when ppl connect with the world, it happens
and politicians fear this
me: at least educated people now don't think about caste and creed
1:38 PM Navneet: in the same way, Nitish govt is getting ppls support from every strata of the society
me: yes
Navneet: and that is his power which allows him to
me: well it's all about fulfilling the basic needs .. roti/kapda/makaan and bijli/paani/sadak
Navneet: remove a criminal MLA from his own party
1:39 PM yeah
me: good governance will always find support from all stratas of community
he is doing good, just wish he can remain there, with the same state of mind for next 10 yrs
at least
1:44 PM I'm going offline now.. to post this on my blog!
Navneet: sure
1:45 PM thanx for the time u spent with me
me: you're welcome, always!

Disclaimer: The entire chat transcript has been posted here in agreement with Navneet (his name too).

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