Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Terror, Terror, everywhere.. not a place to hide

Friday, 25 July 2008 -- serial bomb explosions rocked IT hub Bangalore.

Saturday, 26 July 2008 -- 16 serial bomb explosions shook Ahmedabad. Ghastly scene all over the media.

Sunday, 27 July 2008 -- Unexploded bombs found at places in Surat.

Bomb scare at Kolkata and Varanasi.

Is this a pattern? I can see a pattern here...

Earlier, the targets of bombs would be Delhi, Mumbai and the top metros. Now, as the security tightens in major metropolitan cities, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, terrorists have started to look at significantly smaller but equally important cities.

The basic motto for the terrorists is to attack on the economy and spread terror. It doesn't matters where it is done. And if in the process people, ladies and children die, let them die.

The acts are so ghastly that even condemning does not relieves us of the pain of watching blood and gore spread all over the screen. And to think of people who have lived through it -- life is like hell!

And why, just because some people have decided that they will not let us live in peace and harmony? Because some useless unrelenting people have decided that others do not have the right to live?? Who are they to decide???

Blaming government for every failure is quite easy, and talk of the season too! But do we own our responsibilities? People from Surat awakened to the reality and they were saved when they spotted bombs and alerted authorities. For years we have been watching posters put up by security agencies to alert authorities if anything unusual is seen or found. How many times have we tried to see things in this scenario? Specially in today's world, we feel proud to say that we are not concerned what the other person is doing!

But we have seen -- what the other person is doing does impacts us at times, and that too very badly.

Can we be more alert from now on???


Rajesh Kamal said...

Do you know that terror has replaced "satyagraha" now-a-days. Even in our day to day life, you can feel this. Recently, a party called for "bandh" and terrorized people openly. Damaged the shops and vehicles, even stopped the school buses and made children stay in scorching sun beside the road untill RAF interviened!

By the way, are you aware that a local politician of surat gave information about 11 out of 28 bombs that did not blast. Now police is trying to find a connection between him and bombs!

Priyanka said...

actually I dont think that the blasts in ahmedabad and smaller cities happened due to tightened security in metropolis.
I dont think Delhi or Bombay really have much tight security, I don't even think a tight security can be imposed on these cities without affecting business and transport.

I think the terrorists have started getting ammo bombs and guns more than before, I cant fathom why exactly though.